Philips GoGear Muse, another player prepared to compete with the iPod

If we look coldly at the data of different portable music players on the market and compare them with those of the best-selling Apple iPod, we can find rivals that have not enjoyed popularity or have failed to make themselves known. In the latter case there is clearly the Zune HD that we already discussed in our review, which is an excellent player.

The new Philips GoGear Muse now becomes another worthy rival. This player is the first to arrive at the renewed GoGear range of a Dutch brand. Its strongest point, in addition to the design that you can check yourself, is given by FullSound technology.

This technology seeks to balance sound at all frequencies and improve the sound of compressed music files. To do this, it uses a digital signal processor that analyzes and adapts the sound 10 million times per second. The musical experience is completed with some isolating in-ear headphones.

720p video on an external display thanks to HDMI output

The most visual and attractive touch is provided by the 3.2-inch HVGA touch screen, where it is already acceptable to see some video, which will have surround technology transferred to the player. The most interesting thing about this video mode is that it supports resolutions up to 720p and we can connect the GoGear Muse to a television with the HDMI output it incorporates.

The most delicate thing when talking about an alternative for the Apple iPod ecosystem is always found in the user experience of the player interface and in the software that we have to manage it on the computer. In the case of the Zune HD both aspects are resolved in an outstanding way, with special mention of the Zune software.

In the case of this Philips GoGear Muse, we find the Philips Songbird program, simple but with the functionalities that we have to ask a music manager.

The Philips GoGear Muse will come out with various capacities (8, 16 and 32 GB) and we can expand it with microSD cards, an idea that we love. It will also have an FM radio.

Gogear Connect will come with Android

With no date yet defined, Philips has revealed that they are also preparing a GoGear Connect with WiFi connectivity and Android as the operating system. It will also incorporate Gps, accelerometer and camera, with what little will be left to become a phone.

The interface, as manufacturers like to make their Android product different, will also be customized by Philips.

More information | Philips.

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