Philips Xenium X830, ideal to go to the desert for a month and a half

More than three years ago we were talking about a Philips Xenium with a range of just over a month. Today we come with an evolved model adapted to modern times: the Philips Xenium X830.

The feature that will draw the most attention is the battery, which in this case offers an autonomy of up to a month and a half on standby. 45 days or more than 1,000 hours, which is said soon.

The rest of the specifications have been adapted to modern times. The main innovation compared to those first Xenium models is the three-inch screen with a somewhat short resolution, 320 × 240 pixels, but tactile and color. We also find a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, FM radio and a slot for MicroSDHC cards. It integrates a MiniUSB port to connect it to the computer and charge the terminal.

With a design from my point of view quite successful, the Philips Xenium X830 may seem huge from the images, but in reality it is not so much: it has physical dimensions of 105 × 53 × 15.5 millimeters, a size within normal in mobile touch.

For now, neither the launch date nor the sale price has been specified.

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