PlayNow Arena, now also with mobile applications

Just this morning we were saying it. And we had already talked about it: mobile application stores. They are a very important part for the success of a mobile phone and no brand wants to be left behind, although most start with a great disadvantage compared to Android Market and especially to the ubiquitous Apple Store.

Sony Ericsson today announced that it will add applications to its PlayNow Arena mobile content service. Their bet is not only for applications and games, but it covers practically all content, as we remember that they have already discussed plans to bring movies to PlayNow as well.

The applications will be offered in the 13 countries that currently have PlayNow Arena services, including Spain. As for compatibility, the platform can already be used in 38 Sony Ericsson phone models, but it will be expanded, as well as the countries with PlayNow.

What can we expect from this new app store? Well, at the moment in Sony Ericsson they affirm that they will focus on quality applications, valuing more the user experience that they can offer on their phones. Later they will open to all kinds of applications. For this, from July 1 an application contest is offered that at the moment is limited to Java ME and Symbian OS applications, although throughout the same year it will be expanded to cover additional platforms.

More information | PlaynowArena.

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