PlayNow Arena, cinema for mobile phones

Cinema to download on Sony Ericsson mobile phones. This is how PlayNow Arena arrives together with the new Sony Ericsson terminals, with large screens and many pretensions beyond the telephone communication itself.

Playnow Arena is the extension of the Sony Ericsson content store to the world of video. However, they have lost an important opportunity to get ahead of direct rivals by allowing content to be downloaded via WiFi or 3G to the phones themselves. In return we will have to settle for downloading movies to the computer first and then transfer the content to the mobile phone.

PlayNow Arena It will arrive next week with some phones such as the W995 as part of one more service of the terminal, but at the moment only in selected countries, such as Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. Nothing of Spain at the moment.

The movies we download can be seen as many times as we want during the following 90 days. In the catalog there will be at all times about 15 films that will be renewed each month with four new ones. A year we can see up to 60 titles on the phone.

The films will come with the appropriate resolution for the best viewing on the phone in question and will allow the use of subtitles.

In Xatakamovil | PlayNow Arena will feature movies.

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