'Pokémon unite' will be the new incarnation of the franchise, this time in the form of free-to-play online combat by 'LoL' style teams

The Pokémon franchise resists stagnation, and its new and recently announced incarnation arrives in MOBA format, that is, as an online battle arena multiplayer. 'Pokémon Unite' will be its name, and its development is handled by Tencent. The Chinese company owns, among others, Riot Games (responsible for 'League of Legends') and 40% of Epic Games (developers of 'Fortnite'). It will be the subsidiary studio of Tencent TiMi Studios ('Honor of Kings') who will be in charge of the development.

This new MOBA, which is clearly seen in references such as 'LoL' and 'DOTA 2' and announced during the last Pokémon Presents, will be free-to-play and it will arrive for Switch and iOS and Android mobile devices. There will be the possibility of cross-platform play and for the moment, no release date has been announced. In 'Pokémon Unite' two teams of five will face each other, and the players will play different pocket monsters, which as is usual for those of their kind, will be able to evolve and gain new powers. Among the known Pokémon that have been seen are Pikachu, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Clefable, Machamp, Gengar, Snorlax, Lucario and Talonflame.

The objective, from what has been seen in the bare gameplay presented, will be to capture more wild monsters than the rival team in a limited period of time. They are bugs similar to the jungle monsters of 'League of Legends', the clearest reference of this new 'Pokémon Unite', only here we must take our prey to some special points on the map that double as a marker.

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As these creatures are trapped, our Pokémon will evolve and learn new movements, including a definite ability called Unite. The game adopts all the conventions of the genre, such as area damage skills and 'skillshots', and cooperation between the different team members to advance will be essential to win victory. The team that takes over the entire field of the opposing side will win.

Although the Pokémon franchise has experienced multiple incarnations throughout its long history within the world of video games (the latest application, 'Pokémon Home', is just one of the latest samples of its versatility), it had never tried its luck on the ground of the MOBA. However, his excellent experience with online communities thanks to 'Pokémon Go' is a precedent that Tencent will undoubtedly have taken into account.

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