At last! a mobile phone that only serves as a mobile phone

It is curious that the more technology advances with the idea of ​​simplifying our lives, it becomes more complicated by creating a kind of dependency and the need to be connected at all times to the smartphone, the smartwatch, the laptop, come on, the screens with information everywhere, has the time come to disconnect ?.

Under this idea of ​​disconnection, an interesting project has arrived that seeks funding on Kickstarter, Light Phone, a mobile phone that is exclusively used to make and receive calls, well, and also to watch the time, since its creators believe that we need a break from bombardment of information that we receive every day causing our interpersonal relationships to deteriorate.

Light Phone: the ideal phone for those who don't want distractions

The Light Phone is a project that was born in "30 Weeks" one of Google's business incubators and is a collaboration between artist Joe Holler and product designer Kaiwei Tang, with the idea of ​​bringing technology that we used a little while ago. 15 years when we weren't surrounded by so many connected devices.

This phone has discreet specifications with a minimalist and extremely practical design, since its size is the same as that of a credit card so we can carry it even in our wallet without any problem thanks to its weight of only 38.5 grams and thickness of 4 millimeters.

But the important part comes in its specifications, since thanks to the fact that you can only make and receive calls, in addition to giving the time on your dot matrix screen, it will offer us autonomy of up to 20 days on standby. It is also equipped with a MediaTek MTK6250 processor, it is compatible with micro SIM with GSM technology in the 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz bands and it is possible to configure up to 10 numbers for speed dialing.

Being a "zero distraction" phone, it does not have sound, that is, there are no bells to configure incoming calls, everything is through its white light, which will also serve as a flashlight.

The project has just started its journey in Kickstarter, seeking a goal of 200 thousand dollars and if we want to get a Light Phone and incidentally support the project, it is priced at $ 100 with shipments scheduled for May 2016, and for those who do it. If you buy within the United States, the price will also include a SIM card with 500 minutes.

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