Powermat strengthens its commitment to wireless recharging

Powermat is going to jump to the rest of the world with its wireless gadget recharging systems. In USA They have already established themselves and are now looking to repeat success in the rest of the world. For this they will have very powerful allies, the manufacturers, who are willing to integrate Powermat's wireless charging systems into their products. To those manufacturers, he will present a new chip that brings the company's technology to any device.

While this factory integration arrives at the end of this year, at present the Powermat chargers are already ready for sale in Spain. Among its products we find load receivers for most terminals of the main manufacturers, such as HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung or Motorola. Also the Google phone will benefit from a new silicone case and an extended battery case.

However, the catalog of wireless charging solutions does not remain in mobile chargers but is incorporated into more work items such as desktop mats or car chargers. This latest product is called the Powermat Car Charger, which wirelessly charges hundreds of devices while traveling by car.

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