Pricenoia goes mobile

If you are an Amazon customer, you almost certainly know Pricenoia. And if you do not know it, surely you will celebrate the usefulness of this service. Pricenoia allows you to compare the prices of a product in the different Amazon stores, so that we can find out if the book, disk or gadget that we are going to buy is more profitable to acquire it in the United States, the United Kingdom or any of the other Amazon stores. The web takes months, but the novelty that is presented today is that Pricenoia can now be accessed by mobile phone. What are the advantages of this? Very easy, you are in a department store, you take the ISBN of the product of your interest and the application informs you of the price on Amazon and in which of its stores is cheaper. From there, where to buy it is your decision. The truth is that Amazon has been working on a similar tool already available in Japan, called Amazon Scan Search. The main difference is that Amazon's utility is based on scanning the barcode using a photo of it and it would allow you to make the purchase through it.

As for the technical section, this mobile Pricenoia requires a terminal with Java MIDP1.0 or MIDP2.0 support, with which the vast majority of mid and high-end models are compatible.

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