First official trailer for 'Fundación', the series based on Asimov's work will arrive exclusively on Apple TV + in 2021

One of the big bets that Apple has in hand for its service streaming it is without a doubt the 'Foundation' series. The company acquired the rights to adapt the work of Isaac Asimov and it seems that it is closer than ever to release the series. During the recently held WWDC 2020, Apple revealed a first preview of the science fiction classic adapted to television.

Originally published as a series of short stories in Astounding Magazine during the year 1942, Asimov's work is one of the most important in the entire history of science fiction. His arrival on the screens on the other hand has not been easy. Several producers, screenwriters and directors have tried to adapt it in film format. Due to its length and numerous details, it seems that in serial format it will fit the most.

Premiere in 2021 and exclusively for Apple TV +

As Apple indicates, the series is based on the work of Isaac Asimov and in it we can see "a group of exiles in the twilight of the Galactic Empire and their eagerness to save humanity and rebuild civilization."

The series was officially announced as an Apple exclusive in 2018. However, the company was forced to halt its production and development earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

At the moment it does not seem that we have an exact arrival date for the series. The only thing that Apple has made clear is that it will come next year, in 2021. Another thing that is clear is that it will be an exclusive series on Apple TV +. Apple's service currently costs 4.99 euros, although it is much less than most services like that, its catalog is also much smaller. Catalog that will now have one of the most desired series for years, the adaptation of 'Fundación'.

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