The first data, trailer and images of 'Crysis Remastered', leaked: it will arrive in July and there is already gameplay

Although the official announcement was scheduled for day 1 in the afternoon, the Microsoft store has leaked some data from 'Crysis Remastered' that were still secret. This remastering of the Crytek FPS, which has long been reputed to be an excellent test of the capabilities and power of high-performance gaming PCs, will arrive on July 23.

It will not only do it on Xbox One, as the leak announces, but also on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Hopefully you share the same departure date. The leaked video includes a generous amount of gameplay and in it we can see the evident improvements that this remastering enjoys, as well as an update of the capabilities of the nano-suit. Speed, strength, endurance and ability to camouflage thanks to a kit that has become a common topic in war games over time, but that in the days of the first 'Crysis' was a novelty.

Some voices have already been heard that speak that the game will not reach what a high-end PC could give itself to meet the requirements of current consoles, something that already happened at the time with the versions of the first 'Crysis' for PS3 and Xbox 360. Among the innovations that Crytek has promised are higher quality textures, temporal smoothing, SSDO and SVOGI, depth of field, new light and blur effects, parallax mapping occlusion (textures with more realistic relief), volumetric fog, software-based ray tracing, and more.

What has been seen so far of the game runs in the latest version of CryEngine, and when a few months ago some spectacular images close to photorealism were seen, the guesses around the already confirmed remastering were triggered. In fact, there was talk of versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X, since the current generation of consoles would not be able to support such graphic improvements. Finally, the new version stays on Xbox One and PS4.

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