Problems for camera mobile users

The Provincial Court of Zaragoza has adopted a measure that points to a potential problem for users of mobile phones equipped with a camera. Those who enter the courthouse building with a cell phone of these characteristics must hand it in at the entrance for "security reasons." Among the arguments that are cited to adopt the measure, that someone can take a photo of the members of a jury, for example. This is a prohibition that was in force for several months in 2004 and has now been re-imposed and is likely to extend to the rest of the courts since the General Council of the Judiciary has made a recommendation to prohibit this type of device in the courts. The question is: in how many more places will mobiles of this type be prohibited? But the Spanish courts are not the only place where problems for camera mobiles begin to arise, in New Jersey they have proposed a law that forces mobiles to incorporate a system, a flash or a beep, to serve as a warning when they take a Photography. It is about protecting the privacy of people who may not want to be photographed. Imagine, for example, in the psychiatrist's office, in a police station ...

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