Project Ara: modular phones receive new hardware, and another conference

Google and company are not going to put out that fire called Project Ara, although we are very far from having something real on their hands, they will periodically release information, and create new conferences so that we do not forget modular phones.

That sounds a long way from mounting a phone from modules, to your liking, and without having an unpleasant design, or worse than the existing alternatives. One of the points that was emphasized is on process hardware, with several manufacturers involved.

Today we have news of the arrival of RockChip to the game, some will not sound like much, but it is a Chinese company that is characterized by offering more affordable hardware, in the style of the well-known MediaTek, but getting into other scrubs, such as laptops and tablets .

The mission is to create processors compatible with the rest of the elements, without having to develop special circuitry to govern them. To do this, UniPro interface technology is used.

As a curiosity, all the prototypes with which we are working today, are built with Texas Instruments hardware, specifically an OMAP 4460 chipset. The American company stopped creating hardware for mobile phones, but it is still interesting in the world of developing.

Second conference in sight

The Project Ara team has also taken the opportunity to announce that a second conference is planned this year, so that developers and other partners can see progress, or get involved in the adventure. The first took place in mid-April.

We assume that it will also be time to introduce a new MDK, or developer hardware, that would be available in early 2015. Possibly Rockchip has something to do with it.

More information | Google ATAP

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