Push-to-talk on the Motorola C698p

Push-to-talk is one of those technologies that one wonders about, hadn't I seen this somewhere? Briefly, Push-to-talk consists of "half-duplex" communication, that is, one-way communication at a time between two mobile users. The reason for its name is that in order to speak you have to press a button enabled for this purpose, taking away our turn since as we have said, the two cannot speak at the same time. The advantage is that it is a free or fixed cost service, it is not charged for minutes. Push-to-talk requires that both the mobile and the operator support it (forget it in Spain at the moment) and GPRS connection or higher. There are already many terminals that support it, and this Motorola C698p is one of the next to do so. Both Siemens (CX70 PTT) and Nokia (6600, 6620, 6630, 6670 and 7610 among others) have already decidedly bet on this technology, which is widely accepted in the United States. The Motorola C698p is an example of how Motorola also wants to follow in its footsteps to facilitate this service, and in which it is possible to dispense with BlueTooth as the Push-To-Talk is the value with which they intend to sell it.

I am convinced that my next mobile must have Push-To-Talk, it will be like going back to the "walkie-talkie" of childhood but with global coverage. Short and change.

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