Qualcomm integrates connectivity in the car

We change, for a while, third and momentarily abandon mobile phones to go to cars. Have we become a Motorpassion? Well no, since what we are going to talk about is the connectivity integrated in the car that they were showing from Qualcomm.

The idea is not new, but the fact that it is already beginning to be integrated into business models, although at the moment it seems that only in the United States, is a good step forward to promote this type of integration that seeks to bring much more information to our vehicle.

The most obvious use is, obviously, to offer Google Maps as an option for navigation, in addition to receiving news, weather forecasts, ... Nothing to offer full access through the car console, but rather This is limited to a number of pre-installed applications.

This connectivity offered by Qualcomm comes to us through 3G and, if we think it is a pity that it cannot be used for something else, then we should not worry, since the vehicle itself incorporates a Wi-Fi router that will allow us to use that connection from laptops or other devices.

They are not the only novelties that the sample car that Qualcomm had at the fair, since the space between the two front seats is well exploited by a wireless charger for our phone, so that we only have to place this in the hole and the battery recharges without connecting anything.

Finally, a television is integrated into the headrest of the front seats, although it uses Qualcomm's FloTV system, which is not used in Europe, but is much more popular in the United States than here. The technology integrated in the vehicle can be seen soon in Audi models. Will it ever come to us here?

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