What is QR-Code: thoroughly (I)

Yesterday the first QR-Code appeared in the La Vanguardia newspaper in the Spanish press, a specific case with no practical utility, but a clear example of the potential of this type of code, especially in the written media and in advertising.

But do we know what the QR-Code is? We are going to briefly review its history, its capabilities and how this code can be used.

What is QR-Code?

The QR-Code is a system to store information in a matrix of points, similar to how the barcodes that we are used to seeing in so many products work, but instead of a single dimension applied to two dimensions.

Initially they were applied to the tracking of parts in the manufacture of cars, but little by little they have been extended to other uses, especially in Japan, where it is the most widely used code of this type and where most mobile phones include an application capable of recognize them. Then we will see what is the usefulness of this.

The capacity of these codes is 7089 numeric characters, 4296 alphanumeric characters or 2953 bytes, having an error correction system that makes them immune to a certain distortion of the image. They are characterized by the three squares that we find in the corners and that allow the reader to detect the position of the QR-Code.

QR-Code Applications

There are many applications in which this type of code can be used. In fact, the code itself is nothing more than a string of numbers, letters and other characters and will depend on what we store there and the software that has read that code, the functionality we obtain.

In Japan, one of the countries where the QR-Code is most widespread, it is common to find these types of codes in advertisements or in magazines, which, once read by the mobile, send us to a web page with additional information about the product. . That is, it is an ideal tool for advertising, not very intrusive and very low cost as long as the readers of these codes are quite widespread, as is the case in that country.

Other possible uses of QR-Code are to offer offers or access to restricted areas of a web page with exclusive content.Let's imagine, for example, a music CD whose interior script includes one of these QR-Code that sends us to the artist's website where you can download a ringtone for your mobile. The possibilities are endless.

Another possibility that I really like is to print QR-Codes on our business cards with our data in VCF format. That way, when we offer the card to someone, they would only have to scan it with their mobile to have all our information stored easily.

More about QR-Code

Unfortunately, QR-Code is not yet well implemented in our country, although some similar applications have been presented. In the second part of this special we will offer more information about the status of 2D barcodes in Spain and how to create our own codes.

More information | QR-Code. Image from QR-Code Blog.

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