Which smartphone has the fastest charge? We make a race among the best smartphones

With the thickness and weight in the crosshairs of the vast majority of high-end smartphone manufacturers, the battery has a number of limits when it comes to growing to offer more autonomy.

The solution to improve the autonomy section of smartphones that many of these manufacturers have opted for has been to equip their best phones with the so-called fast charge. With it, it is possible to overcome specific battery problems to quickly equip more than necessary charge. Now, of the current best high-end smartphones, which one has the fastest fast charging system? At Xataka we have the race that gives us the answer.

For the race or fast charging test we have respected the use of the standard charger that each smartphone brings by default. In all cases we have left the terminal in airplane mode and with the screen locked except for data collection at different intervals. In the case of terminals that had an Always On function, we have left it activated.

Let's start how not by reviewing the capacities of the contenders' batteries:

Lumia 950 XL Galaxy S7 Edge HTC 10 iPhone 6s Plus LG G5 Xperia X Huawei P9 Battery capacity 3340 mAh 3600 mAh 3000 mAh 2750 mAh 2800 mAh 2620 mAh 3000 mAh

If we stick to fast charging, the charging percentages obtained by each terminal at 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes are shown in the following graph, where the Lumia 950 XL and the LG G5 get a clear advantage from the start, with HTC recovering ground with the passage of minutes.

On the opposite side is the Apple iPhone, the laziest by far to fill in its mAh.

And, how long do the different high-end smartphones of the comparison take to complete their load from 0 to 100%? Well here is the graph.

The absolute winner was the LG G5, which completed its charge in exactly 80 minutes, followed by the Lumia 950 XL, which did so two minutes later, and the HTC 10, which completed the comeback and achieved the third step of the podium with a charging time of 85 minutes.

The ones that took the longest, and were seen from the start of the test, were the Huawei P9 and Sony Xperia X, which both marked 130 minutes for a full charge, and the car broom He had to pick up the iPhone 6s Plus, whose battery did not show 100% charge until 145 minutes after the start of the test.

The complete "history" of the loading times and percentage reached throughout the test by each terminal can be seen in the following final summary graph.

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For the video we carried out a second race but already with the screens on all the time and at 50% brightness. It is not the usual condition in which we charge a smartphone but these were the results for those who are curious:

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In view of these results, how important is it for you that the fast charge of your smartphone is fast? Are you satisfied with that of your current smartphone?

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