Whoever has an Android phone has a treasure that can translate texts

When we were at Google headquarters a few months ago chatting with them about the Nexus One, one of the topics they were most proud of in the company was the simultaneous translation they were playing with on their own servers. It's the future, they told us, we can speak to the phone in a language and the interlocutor can obtain a translation into their language in real time.

The augmented reality that they are already testing with Google Googles is another of the pillars of innovation that the search engine company gives to its Android phones. Now they add a new text recognition and translation function. We only need a phone with Android 1.6 and the camera, which incidentally is gaining prominence on the phone and not precisely to replace a compact one.

The operation of this new service could not be easier: we point to a text with the camera of our Android phone and we get a translation instantly.

This software is still in the development phase but it makes us dream that every day there is less left so that the mobile phone is the gateway to everything we need. If there is an Internet, of course.

The latest version already includes recognition support for English, Italian, German, French and ... Spanish. It has been said to prove it.

In Xatakamovil | Google Goggles adds text translation to its functionalities.

More information | Google Blog.

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