RAZR v3i will include iTunes

Today we do not stop receiving news about the new Motorola RAZR V3. If we found out this morning that we can acquire this mobile in both pink and blue, it is now confirmed that this new version will include iTunes.

Thus the RAZR joins the previous Motorola model, the ROKR, in the use of iTunes, confirming that this was not the only model of the brand that was to be manufactured in collaboration with Apple. What is not yet known is whether the number of songs will be limited to 100 in the RAZR, as was the case in the first. If not, the mobile can be a great sales success, because this, together with the good design it has, which includes a 1.23 megapixel camera and microSD connection make it more than attractive to the public.

As in previous versions, it has two color screens, one internal and one external, and in this case, the connection of headphones will be made through a miniUSB port. If it offers everything it promises, I want one right now.

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