Augmented reality on Symbian, what's to come

With the hardware and design of today's mobile phones closely matched, the battle between manufacturers is increasingly focused on operating systems. And within these, the interface and user experience are surely the most important pillar of all.

In the video above we can see a simulation of what could come in future versions of Symbian. We highlight the top menu that simplifies the use of options in programs and services, and that improves the current eternal menus. At Xatakamóvil we reel in all that this Symbian interface concept offers us.

Another interesting detail is the use made of augmented reality. In this example it is associated with an event on a social network, in which we mark a date and location and the phone takes care of the rest. If I had to bet, that functionality would be my winning horse for the next few years in the field of mobile telephony.

More information | AllaboutSymbian.

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