Tech Gifts for Father's Day: Mobile Phones

The next March 19 is "Father's Day", and to try to help you with possible technological gifts we are making some proposals on different topics. In this article we are going to deal with mobile phones.

It is difficult to find people who do not have a mobile phone in our society, so we start from the basis that we must propose phones according to criteria that can improve what we have, or that have something that our parents will like.

To facilitate the purchase and limit the possibilities, all the phones that I have chosen are available from the main operators, although logically many of us can find them free by searching the market a bit.

Phones with FM radio

The ability to tune in to FM radio is something I appreciate when selecting a mobile phone, and in the case of recommending it for a parent, it seems even more valuable. In this way we achieve that in the same device it carries both the aforementioned capacity and the mobile phone, thus having it located.

In a small selection and without taking into account very expensive phones, we can take the opportunity to recommend two phones, the Nokia 6700 with Orange, and the elegant Sony Ericsson T715 by Vodafone (Prepaid or contract).

If you prefer a touchscreen phone we find the complete Nokia 5230 that is available on contract and prepaid both on Vodafone and on Orange (144 euros). Its main characteristics are its receiver GPS and Symbian S60 operating system. You have more information about him at XatakaMóvil.

To finish, and as a more interesting model, we have the HTC Tattoo, the most affordable way to access Android, which also incorporates FM radio, you also have an analysis on XatakaMóvil. It is available with Orange and Vodafone from 0 euros with a contract.

For the older ones

The truth is that the offer of mobile phones in Spain for the elderly, or with some hearing or visual impairment is limited, until recently the greatest exponent was the family of Emporia phones, but I have not found it available on Vodafone for a long time.

However, we do have access to the model that seems to be occupying its place, the Vodafone Auro, a phone with generously sized keys, an operating system with special typography, hands-free, facilities to regulate sound, and special help features. I am sure that many will know how to value its accessibility features versus design and performance.

For business parents

Choosing a phone to work is a delicate decision, but I am sure that among the BlackBerry models we will find very interesting copies for some parents' businesses. Starting with the Curve 8520, an input device in the range that covers messaging and mail work, and is available from the three main operators. At XatakaMóvil we have a complete analysis of the device.

At a higher level in price and performance we find the BlackBerry 9700 bold, which we have also thoroughly analyzed in XatakaMóvil. It is possible that I am presenting models to you, and the BlackBerry world is far away, if you want to know it better, I recommend that you follow our specials to get started on the platform.

If you want an alternative with a more conventional operating system, a competitive price and the same keyboard layout QWERTY under the screen, you can take a look at the Nokia E72.

The best pictures

I consider that the camera can be an important feature for those parents who like to take photos, and that is that there is no better camera than the one that we can always carry with us. Virtually all mobiles have a camera and among the affordable models there are no great differences, so I am going to propose a single phone.

The Sony Ericsson C905 is not a mobile that was released yesterday, but its camera and build quality continue to stand out above the average, now it is at a good price with the operator Vodafone, so if you think you may like a mobile with sliding alphanumeric keyboard, this is a great option.

The camera is 8 megapixels, has a Xenon flash, a very successful interface to operate the camera, and some features that we can find in the compact Sony Cyber-shot: auto focus, stabilizer in both photo and video mode, face detection , digital zoom, or Geo-tagging of photos.

We would have an alternative in the Nokia N86, with screen OLED and also a great 8MP camera, it is also available at a good price with the operator Orange. In XatakaMóvil you will find a complete analysis.

Tech parents, always connected

We can find ourselves before a profile of a father who wants to be up to date, and would like to have a permanent Internet connection, either via WiFi or with data plans from the operators, in this case we find several alternatives:

The first is represented by the most successful phone on the market: the iPhone in its different versions, and that is that whenever the budget allows it, we will be right with your purchase. Available with Movistar.

Although it has fewer applications available, if you value multitasking, we have an excellent alternative to Palm Pre, you will not fail with your choice either. It will also be renewed soon with the Plus model, but in Spain we do not know a date yet. Available with Movistar.

Practically at the same level of quality and as a more affordable alternative we find an Android terminal, such as the HTC Hero with the operator Orange, or the HTC Magic with Vodafone, but we must be careful because the Motorola Milestone is scheduled for release this month, and in a short time we will have the renewal of the HTC range, you are warned.

If your budget is limited, I don't want to seem heavy with it HTC Tattoo, but it presents practically all the possibilities of the previous mobiles with the only downside of having a worse screen, also it seems that it is about to receive an unexpected update to Android 2.1.

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