In the United Kingdom they have burned 5G antennas from several cities: some people associate them with the spread of COVID-19

During the past week, several 5G antennas deployed by the United Kingdom have suffered fires or similar vandalism to be destroyed. These situations occur in the midst of a COVID-19 crisis that underscores the importance of wireless communications now that there are so many people in confinement. But it also occurs when some theories that associate the spread of the coronavirus due to 5G networks get stronger.

According to the BBC, there have been fires on antennas in Liverpool, Melling, Birmingham and Aighburth. In the latter, a video published on YouTube denounced the effect that 5G had on the human body and the spread of the coronavirus throughout the country. However, it has not been possible to verify that indeed these attacks on the antennas have been caused by fear of COVID-19 and what 5G may influence in it.

5g Tower on Fire 🧐🧐🧐 #Birmingham # 5GTOWERS # 5GCoronavirus

- Sam Ali (@ S_Ali25) April 2, 2020

From Reuters they affirm that the most important mobile operators in the United Kingdom reported these days that their telecommunications personnel had been threatened, apparently by activists defending this theory. A video of a woman recriminating technicians for implementing 5G has been circulating these days on the network:

This is the consequence of those bonkers Facebook conspiracy theories about 5G. Key workers getting harassed on the street.

- Charlie Haynes (@charliehtweets) April 2, 2020

Several of the country's celebrities have echoed these conspiracy theories with arguments such as that COVID-19 has not arrived in Africa because 5G has not arrived either. Or directly by joining the request not to deploy 5G networks in the United Kingdom.

Although the propagation of these theories is a fact, it has not yet been possible to verify with certainty whether the acts of vandalism on various 5G antennas are due to it. British police are investigating the cases to see if they have actually been burned down by anti-5G activists or not.

5G that lowers the immune system and allows the coronavirus to communicate

The UK Department of Digital, Culture and Media released a statement on April 4 stating that "there is absolutely no credible evidence of the relationship between 5G and coronavirus" adding a link to a study that denies it.

In a statement to The Guardian, a YouTub official comments that they will proceed to remove from the platform those videos that promote theories that relate 5G to COVID-19. This measure, however, does not affect the rest of theories about 5G that are still present and allowed.

According to the Full Fact study, there are essentially two consparanoic theories circulating in the British country. The first of them suggests that 5G waves lower the immune system and that is why people end up infected. The second indicates that the coronavirus somehow uses 5G waves to communicate and thus accelerate its spread.

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