Nokia 6630 Music Edition player available for download

Nokia wants to stand up to portable music players and for this it launched the XpressMusic brand that guarantees a series of features in the mobiles that comply with it.

In addition, they have now made available to their users the Symbian Music Player that can be downloaded from the Nokia 6630 support page. This player is the one that comes built into the Nokia 6630 Music Edition, which we had already talked about in Xataka. The player is compatible with the 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682, N70 and probably with the N90 and N91 and can be downloaded for free.

As they say in Symplification, this player is not the only one available for the Symbian operating system, since there is also the Symbian OggPlay, an open source player that allows a large number of functions and that also supports the OGG format.

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