RIM buys Dash Navigation

The "Dash Express browser": https: //www.xataka.com/gps/dash-express-navegador-gps-avanzado, which combined the GPS receiver with a GPRS connection, was a good idea that did not quite curdle, for price and for getting ahead of the market for a while. The company that developed it Dash Navigation was in a delicate situation that has just found a remedy.

RIM, the maker of BlackBerry, has acquired Dash Navigation, with which they will have at their disposal all the technology that this company had to integrate it into their terminals. And it is in them that a solution like this takes on its full meaning.

BlackBerrys already have integrated network connectivity, so we don't need an additional device or another data contract. In addition, the users of these terminals are much more numerous, which is used in some of their social functions.

He Dash Express It allowed to know the traffic on the roads by grouping the data sent by its users, although for this it was necessary to have a good park of devices. Integrate your software in the BlackBerry solve this problem.

For RIM, who did not have a powerful navigation solution and depended on the different operators to integrate it into their terminals, may be another way to earn income and improve their phones. See how long it takes to integrate it.

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