RIM does not give up and presents the BlackBerry Pearl 3G

Canadians at RIM are not giving up and are not planning to abandon an advanced phone market that until very recently belonged almost entirely to them. This time they have not risked with innovative touch screens but they are betting on the safe.

This is how the new Blackberry Pearl 3G was born, a new series that is made up of two models. On the one hand, the Blackberry Pearl 9100 with a compact 20-key QWERTY keyboard, and the 9105 model, which opts for a traditional 14-key keyboard design.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G, condensing the best of RIM

RIM has united in the new Blackberry Pearl 3G the reliability of its operating system, its email, instant messaging and the already indispensable access to social networks, all in a very attractive, compact body that does not neglect the physical keyboard. , even if it's a SureType.

The bet is risky, and is aimed at strengthening its current customers but also attracting those who come from a classic phone and want to make the move to a more advanced phone without having to change much in the physical aspect of it. If what you are seeing from the next version of their operating system is on the way to improve the web experience, and simplify its use, they may attract more people. In fact, it is precisely what I miss when I face a RIM device with one of the new ones with Android, for example.

For the design you will not have to worry because this Blackberry Pearl 3G has been really cute. It measures less than 50 mm and weighs only 93 grams. The acronym 3G is not just for decoration because that connectivity is already added and was needed. It thus joins the GPS and WiFi (b / g / n). The ball (our dear pearl) has also been completely erased from the map and the optical trackpad that is doing so well has been used.

The camera remains at 3.2 megapixels with flash, and for internal space we must continue to use microSD memory cards.

The operating system is Blackberry OS 5 and attentive because with the service BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 (BlackBerry MVS 5) the new terminals will be able to make and receive voice calls over WiFi.

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