Stealing laptops with the help of Bluetooth

That new technologies, in addition to making life easier for us, also complicates it is nothing new. And if not to tell the brand-new owners of laptops, to which these thieves who resort to the latest trends in communications to facilitate the work of appropriating others, have stolen theirs. Thus, these thieves, by using Bluetooth phones, minimize the risk of being caught stealing electronic devices, including laptops and also make sure not to fail in their attempts. How?. Well, with the mobile phone they track until they detect one inside a car using Bluetooth.

As advice from the police, we should not leave valuables in cars (we previously assumed this) and above all, nothing to leave the communication options of our gadgets activated, because as we see, we are proclaiming to the whole world "Here's something that's expensive and it connects wirelessly, do you want to take me home?".

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