ROKR from Apple and Motorola.All the details

There have been many rumors about the mobile designed by Motorola and Apple: will it have the same wheel as the iPod? Will it have a hard drive? Can you buy songs directly from your mobile? It was not until the official presentation that we were able to find out all the details surrounding the ROKR and some of them have disappointed more than one who expected something different.

Is this new phone really worth it? Keep in mind that there are already other terminals that offer the possibility of listening to music, but it is also true that despite the fact that there are many other players, the iPod is still king.

Let's see then all the characteristics of this ROKR and that each one judges for himself.

ROKR as a mobile First of all, the ROKR is a mobile, therefore it is important to see if it fulfills its function as such. The software that controls the mobile is very similar to that of other Motorola models, such as the Razr. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage, since the Motorola interface has always had its detractors.

We can find in the ROKR classic characteristics of any current mobile such as voice dialing of up to 100 numbers or Bluetooth connection that will allow us to use wireless headphones, in addition to incorporating speakers that will allow us to hear calls in hands-free mode or listen to music. Of course, it also incorporates a photo camera that also allows you to record small videos.

ROKR as a player: physical characteristics If we focus on the characteristics of the mobile to play music, we must make it clear, first of all, that it does not include a wheel like that of the iPod, having been replaced by a small joystick that serves as this. It also does not include a hard drive, but works with 512MB TransFlash memory cards that are replaceable if we want to carry more music with us.

The phone connects to the computer using a USB 1.1 cable, which means that it slows down compared to USB 2.0. Once connected we can transfer the songs to the terminal through the iTunes program simply by dragging them to the "My phone" icon. We can also let the program transfer a random selection of songs from our computer, in the same way that it was done with the iPod Shuffle.

We must bear in mind that we can only store 100 songs on the card, even if we still have free space on it. This surprising limitation is given by Apple's fear of losing sales of its iPods to this mobile. Nor can we use the transferred songs as tones when we receive a call, although we can use MP3s for it.

ROKR as a player: the software Once we have the songs loaded on our phone it is time to listen to them. The software that has been implemented for this will remind us a lot of iTunes on our computer, having a similar main menu (organized by Playlist, Artists, Albums, ...) where we can navigate in much the same way as we do in a iPod. Once the song is selected, we can listen to it and information about it will be shown on the screen, including the cover of the current album.

ROKR as a player: the details The mobile includes white headphones like those of the iPod and offers a fairly good sound quality. The headphones include a microphone so that we can make calls and listen to music without having to change them, so that the music stops when we receive a call. As a curious detail we can make the edges of the phone flash lights to the rhythm of current music.

In conclusion, we can say that the phone does not offer exceptional news compared to other competing models, but it is the only one capable of playing songs that we have acquired in the iTunes online store. In case we want to buy it, we can see the dates it will be available:

  • In the US Now available with the operator Cingular
  • In the UK, France and Italy towards the end of September
  • In Argentina, Brazil and Mexico in the fourth quarter
  • In Spain, its sale has not yet been confirmed. Movistar has not yet decided whether to launch it

UPDATE: As reported by one of our collaborators, Fernando, in The Phone House they affirm that it will be available in the middle of the month, although it is not known if through any company or if it will be free, with what this implies in the price of the device.

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