Rumor: Nokia N920 will be the successor to the N900

With the Nokia N900 just cooking, it is evident that Nokia engineers are already working on later models of its high range, which, foreseeably will come with Maemo 6. And this operating system gives us an idea of ​​what its capabilities will be.

The Nokia N920 could be that future model, of which a photo has even been leaked, although for lack of official confirmation we are left without knowing if it really will be so. Its specifications would consist of a 4.13-inch capacitive-type screen and, therefore, with multi-touch capabilities and a design without a physical keyboard.

With that screen size, a virtual on-screen keyboard would be more than enough, so you would choose to reduce the total volume of the phone. The rest of the specifications of the Nokia N920 would remain from its predecessor. Of course, we do not wait until the second half of next year.

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