Rumor: bluetooth keyboard for iPhone

The rumors come this time from MacWorld, not officially but from one of those conversations that are made after the presentation, along with the coffee (and that after all is when most things come out). Bluetooth keyboard for Macally's iPhone, which they already sell for other devices but is not yet compatible with Apple's phone.

Macally is a company dedicated to the manufacture of peripherals and accessories, and its idea is certainly not far-fetched. However, we must bear in mind that we are dealing with a small mobile device, and an accessory for it should not have large dimensions. What use would a keyboard larger than the phone itself be? I honestly do not finish seeing it useful.

However, the main problem is not in manufacturing the peripheral, but in connecting it to the Apple phone. Bluetooth, right? It seems clear, but the Bluetooth of the iPhone is covered on all sides, and something like a "permission" from Cupertino will surely be needed to give access to this peripheral.

Meanwhile, as of today, it is not very clear where the destination of this wireless phone function is. Used to connect to the Apple wireless headset, and little else. Will we see it open with the output of the SDK ?. Hopefully, but it gives me the feeling that Apple is closing more inward every day.

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