Rumors around the Nokia N9: two different phones?

The appearance of the Nokia N9 on video, and its passage through the FCC, has unleashed all kinds of rumors around the phone, we consider that the information is interesting and taking advantage of the tranquility of the weekend we share it with you.

Starting from the basis that we are facing a rumor, we start with the first news, and it is possible that two Nokia N9 appear, one with a keyboard and the other without it. What does seem safe is that MeeGo is the operating system.

First of all we would have the successor to the Nokia N900, with a QWERTY keyboard and a relatively small production, since it would be designed for the use of developers. Following the rumors, this phone would have a processor based on ARM Cortex A8 at 1GHz.

We seem to be learning a bit more about the phone at the MeeGo conference next week. It is said that it was actually going to be aimed at the general public, but Nokia decided that the operating system was not prepared for it, in addition to developing a second version:

Another Nokia N9 Dual Core?

The second phone could be ready in a few weeks, and this time there would be no keyboard, therefore it would be much thinner. A dual core processor developed by ST-Ericsson would be chosen, we believe the U8500. On this occasion it seems that it would be intended for the general public.

Making it clear again that we are facing a rumor, the reality is that we would like the information to be confirmed. By the way, the appearance of two terminals could clarify that in the video many appreciate two different cameras, do you see them ?:

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