Samsung B7300, Windows Mobile at a reduced price

If we take the Samsung Omnia and update the external design to one more similar to the latest models of this manufacturer, what comes? Well, something similar to the Samsung B7300, a smartphone with not too spectacular benefits, but which result in its price being quite low.

Its screen is 3.2 inches, although it remains with a few 320 × 240 pixels of resolution. Better equipped is its camera, with 3.2 megapixels. It also has Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, USB, FM radio tuner and receiver Gps.

Unfortunately, the Samsung B7300 does not have 3G connectivity, something that will weigh it down a lot, as it is practically essential in a terminal of this type. We will not find Wi-Fi anywhere, so you have to settle for it. GPRS.

All this managed with Windows Mobile 6.1 and the TouchWiz interface running on it. Too bad these limitations, although if they manage to adjust their price in exchange, it may be interesting for some users.

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