Samsung to start selling smartphones with Tizen this year

That Samsung is making a lot of money thanks to Android is no surprise. Their phones work very well in the market. However, despite this, Koreans have their reasons for betting on other operating systems.

Today Samsung has announced that this year it will start selling the first Tizen-based devices.The date is flexible but the message is resounding: a new operating system arrives on the market. The year begins strong, since yesterday we remember Ubuntu Mobile was presented.

Tizen, to make a short summary, is an operating system that comes from MeeGo and is supported by different companies such as Intel, Samsung or the NTT operators DoCoMo and Vodafone. The reason for this alliance? Do not depend on Google and Android.

Although things are going well for Samsung with Android, they do not want to depend 100% on it and that is why they have embarked on this adventure where they hope to open the market and offer an alternative to a market saturated by the Google operating system and iOS.

Another underlying reason is the alliance between Google and Motorola. At first it seemed that this acquisition was not going to cause much of a stir, since to date no concrete devices have been seen. However, in a short time a smartphone that seeks to compete from you to you with the iPhone will be released along with Google's favorable treatment.

This should not have been liked by Samsung, which has seen how in just under a year it has lost its privileged position with Google when it comes to manufacturing Nexus phones. What remains to be seen is whether Tizen will compete in the high-end or bet on a lower profile like Bada, another bet by Samsung.

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