Samsung with NVidia Tegra and for $ 200

If true, the rumor could become one of the most interesting devices of the year. The Samsung mobile with NVidia Tegra, the platform presented a little over a year ago and which represents a small evolution in the performance of current mobile devices.

The Samsung phone with NVidia Tegra, which for now has not been made official but which has many ballots to do so at the end of 2009, would have a very interesting price of $ 200 in the United States, although it would be necessary to see the conditions of the contract to which would go together. If it is free, for that price it could be a complete success for NVidia, since it has very attractive performance for users: 1080p video playback, very low consumption and video outputs HDMI, among other characteristics.

For now from Samsung they have not confirmed any aspect, but it is a good manufacturer that in recent years is bringing numerous new features to their phones. We will be paying attention not only to this manufacturer, but also to the behavior of the NVidia Tegra platform on the Zune HD, for now the first device to be presented on the market with Tegra. Will Samsung be the first mobile to do so?

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