Samsung E200 Eco, with environmental improvements

Mobile manufacturers don't just think about specs when they create their phones. At least not anymore. Nokia or Samsung are brands that innovate in the manufacture of mobile phones that are more environmentally friendly, not only in the manufacture of them, but at a much more important moment, when their useful life ends and they become annoying electronic trash.

The Samsung E200 Eco is the latest to hit the market, and was unveiled at an event in China. As a phone it is not important, so we only keep the new features it proposes to take care of the environment. Initially, and very important, the plastic obtained from petroleum is ignored and a plastic derived from vegetables has been chosen, which is biodegradable. With this, a good part of the problem of what we do with the phone when it no longer works is solved.

This measure is complemented by Samsung with an envelope prefranked With which we can send the phone back to the US to ensure proper recycling.

The measures for the environment do not end there. As Dell does, Samsung also reduces packaging for phones to a minimum, and creates environmentally friendly packaging as well. They may be less visually appealing, but they are certainly the ones I prefer.

Finally, and since it is something that many people do, this new phone incorporates a notice so that we disconnect it from the charger when this process has finished, and thus avoid unnecessary consumption. They are also developing chargers that are more energy efficient.

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