Samsung G400

Samsung has not wanted to put aside one of its business arms that is giving them the most satisfaction: mobile telephony, and they have presented in Germany the new Samsung G400, a terminal that follows the trend in design of the terminals of the Korean firm and that It also comes with arguments in the field of digital photography.

The Samsung G400 can be considered a shell Soul, from which it adopts its metallic exterior and the customizable interface that we liked so much at the MWC in Barcelona.

As a shell terminal, the Samsung G400 has two screens, which the Korean brand has decided to be equally practical. Their sizes are the same, 2.2 inches, with the peculiarity that the external one is of the tactile type and it gives us a response in the form of vibration when we touch it.

The internal screen serves us for what many others, but the external one goes from being a mere decoration where to show message notifications, wallpapers or the clock, to become the control of the multimedia aspects of the Samsung G400.

Thus, with the help of the touch screen we can control the music player, the photos, the FM radio or the camera. And in addition to images, we can make it become the window from which to manage emails, SMS, MMS or the calendar.

The Samsung G400, which is 15 mm thick, hides inside a phone with the highest communication speed available today, HSDPA at 7.2 Mbps, and the camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels with aids such as face detection, image stabilizer or Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).

As we see Samsung continues to bet heavily on terminals with a camera that can replace compact ones, with a terminal that has one of its strengths in its HSDPA connectivity, and not neglecting the renewal of the interface that is sorely needed in the world of mobile telephony.

It goes on sale in June for Europe.

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