Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the difficult task of innovating on mobiles with two launches a year (Clear the X, 1x12)

We're back with Despeja la X, our weekly tech podcast. And, in addition, we return in style by analyzing one of the most important launches of the summer: the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

In this new episode we introduce you to the new phone and its main ones, and although we leave the more technical questions for analysis, we delve into Samsung's strategy with this specific model and the decision faced by all the brands that manufacture mobiles: launch one or two high-end phones a year. Is there room for innovation in smartphones within six months?

For this chapter we are accompanied by Javier Pastor (@JaviPas), senior editor at Xataka, and Amparo Babiloni (@ababiloni), director of Xataka Android and Xataka Móvil who, in addition, has attended the presentation of Note 9 and has already been able to test the telephone. At the controls, as always, the great Santi Araujo (@SantiAraujo), responsible for our podcast.

A year in two acts, and not only with the Note 9

Last Thursday we knew the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which came with few surprises at the level of specifications and not only because of the numerous leaks prior to the event, but because in many things it reminded us of the Samsung Galaxy S9 + with some internal improvement, larger screen And, yes, a vitaminized S Pen. How does the new Note 9 differ from its immediately previous model? What does it contribute about the competition?

"Evolution and not revolution", we say in our review, for a phone that has tried to position itself as a phone gaming. For this they have resorted to an exclusivity with 'Fortnite' that, far from the several weeks of which the leaks spoke, ended up being just a few days. Is it a gaming-oriented phone or is this one more excuse seeking to differentiate itself from its predecessors?

The big question that arises with the Note 9 is whether it still makes sense for Samsung to differentiate in two ranges, with two annual releases, its great high-end phone. In its day they positioned the Note as the "big" phone for a very specific audience that wanted screens of a larger size than those that were being sold. Today, all phones have grown to size. Is there enough differentiation between the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note?

And, although we have talked about Samsung so far, it is not the only manufacturer that bets on two annual launches of high ranges. We have LG, Sony and several other brands. Are these deadlines enough and is there enough innovation in mobile phones to keep them? Or, on the contrary, will we see how the annual single launch of high-end advocated by Apple prevails? We talk about all this and much more in our podcast this week.

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