Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, first impressions (with video): how well done does not depend on sizes

Samsung was not satisfied with announcing a new Note 5 a few days ago, but confirmed that its commitment to the curved screens that have been so popular in the Galaxy S6 Edge deserved to make the leap to a phablet format.

Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus arrives on the market, a model that, as happened with the Galaxy S6 and its curved screen version, nails the Note 5's technical specifications but gives it the personality and unique finish of the curved screen. In Xataka we are already tested and we have first impressions with video to share.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: double curve but with more screen

Samsung had it very simple to get the Plus model of their Galaxy S6 Edge. You just had to stretch the screen. It goes from 5.1 to 5.7 inches, but with the advantage that the upper and lower frames have been adjusted so that the dimensions do not shoot.

And certainly in hand it is a terminal that does not seem at all large. The curved edges are very peculiar and there will be those who find them pleasant to the touch, as in my case, and those who see it as somewhat aggressive. Be that as it may, its weight and thickness are among the most successful in this diagonal range.

Perhaps due to its larger size, this S6 Edge Plus has seemed less slippery in hand than the 5.1-inch model. Now, we also believe that dirt is more visible on its surface, all glass.At no time did the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus transmit the idea that we could fall to the ground.

The resolution of the screen is maintained at 1440 x 2560 pixels, that is, more than 500 dpi density that means that we can not appreciate a single pixel on the screen. Here, and as with the classic S6 Edge, it is amazing how precise the screen is when we are playing it.

The brightness and color rendering of your AMOLED panel is outstanding, and there are no problems using it outdoors. But the curve still does not provide anything of value beyond the design and very slightly facilitate the sliding of screens from the sides.

We still have contact shortcuts to which one is now added for applications, but we do not find it well implemented to have to slide in the small panels to go from one utility to another.

In addition, applications still do not take advantage of that curved area on the screen and it is sometimes strange to work with that variation in the appearance of them just at the edges.

In addition, in this phablet size, we have noticed that the grip, having to be more forceful, makes it easier to be activating the screen on the edges inadvertently, something quite annoying and that, in case of having the screen on, causes that we perform actions without intending to.

Where the curve is practical, and is powered by a larger diagonal like that of this Edge Plus, it is in video playback, which is more inverted.

More battery and fast charge

That more ambitious screen brings with it that Samsung has expanded the capacity of its battery to 3,000 mAh. The difference in autonomy in these first days with the terminal is not significant, and we have a day and a little endurance without going through the charger.

The great news is that Samsung has improved fast charging and has also included it in wireless, although without reaching the speed levels of the wired charger that comes standard.

In performance, the 4 GB of RAM memory is a perfect accompaniment to Samsung's own Exynos processor, which once again shows that the company should not fear continuing to develop its own chips because in tests they have proven to be at the forefront of performance right now. in the sector, without heating problems.

And the camera? Samsung again chooses to play with two different cards and in this model that we have tested, the sensor is one of Sony with 16 megapixels and aperture f1.9. We will see if there is improvement over the classic S6 Edge but it is complicated because the level is very high.

In our initial tests it has once again stood out for the amazing speed of the focus and shooting, the controls it allows on the photo and that the Samsung treatment ensures that in the point and shoot mode some photo goes wrong. Detail, absence of noise and good color reproduction are the credentials of your images in good light.

But also in night scenes the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus demonstrates both its possibilities for the f1.9 lens and for its good treatment. In short, our full analysis.

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