Samsung Galaxy S8 + after a month of use: 30 days with a firm candidate for best phone of the year

The Samsung Galaxy S8 + has earned itself a great candidate for the best smartphone of the year. By design and technology included, it is the model that dares the most on the market, for good and bad. As a review in Xataka is not complete without the test of several weeks, here you have our usual video and impressions after using the Samsung Galaxy S8 + for a month.

Everyday with a spectacular smartphone

Carrying a smartphone like the Galaxy S8 + daily for a month goes a long way. Input to verify that it is not just any terminal. For those around me or at some time have agreed with me, nothing goes unnoticed. The surprise of using it this month is that at first glance, if it were not for the considerable size of the plus model, the Galaxy S8 does not offer a design that stands out at first glance if it is turned off.

But it is turning on the screen and everyone wants to go see it. It is then when people do recognize that it is the last Galaxy, "the one with no frames"They kept telling me. Samsung has done a good job of marketing there, as usual.

What has changed the Galaxy S

That it is striking and spectacular there is no doubt. But it is very difficult not to be seen. Definitely, after this month of use, I conclude that it is a very large terminal for me. The pleasure of having a 6.2-inch screen in such a small space is also conclusive, because it is perfect in width, but after this month I am left with the feeling that less diagonal would be good for day to day.

Here the sales success that Samsung announces perhaps has to do with the potential market that ran out of the Note this year and craved a model with a large diagonal.

The phone is a magnet for looks and not as much fingerprints as I thought. People are amazed and it catches your attention as soon as you turn on its spectacular screen

On the street, despite its ideal width to handle with one hand, the Samsung Galaxy S8 + becomes unattainable. For this reason and also for its smooth lines I have found a smarpthone with a tendency suicide. Whatever you do your mission is to get out of hand. And with a glass body like the one he has, dangerous. Luckily we have not had to regret any casualties.

From the arrangement of the physical controls I have to also tell things. The first thing is that the Bixy button is nonsense. For now its use is not relevant, and even with weeks of use, it is still very common today for me to mistake that button for the power button. How hard would it have been to move him? Maybe it's just me but I see more intuitively, or at least that's what my head does, looking for the power button under the volume controls than on the opposite side.

I understand that Bixy wants to be important and that he must have his button, but right now it is more of a hindrance than a help

A detail of the design that has bothered me in this month of use has been the symmetry and lack of physical references on the front. When I had the screen without the Always Display function, taking it was a lottery. Sometimes you grabbed it in the right direction and many other times you had to turn it before using it. By the way, it is something that happens to me with more and more phones.

A screen that can be enjoyed at home

But let's go to the powerful thing of the Galaxy S8 +: its screen. If this terminal has not been very comfortable on the street due to its dimensions, at home, however, the Galaxy S8 + is very much enjoyed. Since it weighs nothing and there I can use both hands freely, both to watch videos, social networks or web browsing and games, the 6.2-inch AMOLED is amazing.

The contrast, saturation and maximum brightness is spectacular, and even indoors you will have to lower it enough so that it is not uncomfortable. But that high contrast and brightness make it one of the best looking outdoors today.

The only question on the screen was in the format. But in a few days, whether the apps adapt or show bands, one gets used to it

I less liked the screen when I wanted to take photography seriously. Editing photos or having absolute fidelity with the AMOLED panel of the Galaxy S8 + is more complicated than with other terminals, and then, when viewing the results on a well-calibrated monitor, there are some differences depending on the scene. You have to consider this.

As for the interface and the particular screen format, you get used to the black bands and you ignore them in a few days. For me it is a sacrifice that I do not mind paying in exchange for being able to watch video more immersively and having a single terminal in the absence of frames.

Another feature that's so hot on the screens of this year's high-end smartphones, HDR support, doesn't tell me much. I do not mind having it but neither for content available right now nor for all kinds of video that I usually play on the screen, it is something that will take my sleep away if I did not have it.

By the way, I want to thank Samsung here for its resistance to the fashion of removing the headphone port. He has maintained it and it is quite a slap to whom he says to remove it due to space or thickness in the equipment. If you've invested money in quality headphones, you don't have to throw them away or go through life with an adapter. And second good shot from Samsung: include a high-level AKG headphones. In a terminal that costs so much, those details are appreciated.

Neither touch nor look: Samsung, we have a problem with identification

One question I had with the Galaxy S8 + is whether I could adapt to losing the start button. After this month of use I can confess that in a few days one will assimilate that there is no longer a button and that the touch and customizable area that replaces it is better. It's the future.

What I'm not happy about is that with that start button there is "flown"Also the front fingerprint sensor. As you know Samsung has taken it to the back, next to the camera. I have nothing against the fingerprint sensor being there, even when I have used terminals from LG or Huawei , It is almost more comfortable and rational than the front. But in this Galaxy S8 +, so high it, placing it where Samsung has made me disappointed.

I am convinced of the fingerprint reader, absolutely, and what I have done in this month of use is not to configure it because it lost the immediacy and comfort of use when being so high and above next to the camera. My other nightmare on a smartphone is dirt or fingerprints on the lens and taking surprises when reviewing photos that I thought were fine. And in this Galaxy S8 + the risk was important.

Maybe it just happened to me, but the situation so high and next to the camera of the fingerprint sensor has made me choose not to use it for the first time

Not everything has been negative with the fingerprint sensor attached to the rear. If you get used to it, recognition is instantaneous. As in other models from other manufacturers, that area can function as a very basic touchpad, just to slide the notification bar. And hey, in the end it does end up taking a taste in such a large terminal.

And how has it been with the other identification systems? That of face recognition I confess that I was very lazy, which together with being easily misleading, has made it out of my focus. A PIN seems faster to me.

On the iris, with it I was curious and see if it is the future of biometric identification and I configured it. Or I tried. The first thing is that, as a user of glasses, they already recommend that I remove it. So I did and only recognized the iris if the light conditions were very good and there were no light reflections in my eyes. With glasses directly the reflection of the lights made it impossible to even try. In the end I discarded it out of boredom and little use. At least in my case.

Power, Battery, and Camera - No Novelty Up Front

The last block of this review of the Galaxy S8 + after a month of use is an amalgamation of what does not change (hardly) anything compared to the Galaxy S7. Both in power, fluidity and options of the operating system, battery or camera, everything is identical to driving a Samsung Galaxy S7 at the experience level. And that is both positive and negative.

Both for camera quality, gross power, autonomy or fluidity of the system with TouchWiz, the experience of use seemed to me the same as with the Galaxy S7

The Galaxy S8 + performs as the most, in a great way, something that is repeated year after year. The layer on Android seems to me to be very successful and I would almost say that it is my favorite. Even above pure Android if it is not what you are expressly looking for. Here there will always be the question of the rate of updates that we can later obtain. Right now, for me, it is the key between layers of the main manufacturers regarding having pure Android.

And the battery? Well quite well. Despite the increase in the screen, we continue to cover more than what we demand from a smarphone today: that we reach the end of the day with solvency. Here I have to tell you that with the Always Display function I have noticed more battery drain than without it, so, despite the fact that I like it, I have ended up skipping it.

In any case about the battery of the Galaxy S8 + what I liked the most is that Samsung covers all fields well. It offers phenomenal fast charging so that with just a few minutes at any time of the day, you can give your battery charge a big boost. On the other hand, he does not give up on his efforts to offer wireless charging, and I who have a compatible Ikea lamp, I am glad because at night I do not care about having a charger in my gadget charging area.

Finally I will tell you about the camera. Here I haven't noticed any difference from last year, and that's where I insist on my comment that it is both good and bad.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 + camera is still an excellent mobile camera with great photos in all situations and best in low light along with the Google Pixel. And the options to play with it are many. But with as much equality as we have seen that there is this year, with terminals standing out even above the Galaxy S8 in certain situations, I do not think that Samsung has been right to stay without putting a dual camera system. I would not have wanted any one, but the one that allows taking photos with 2X zoom. I think it is a function that makes a difference right now and would greatly increase the photographic level of this huge terminal. In every way you think of it.

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