Samsung Gear Fit 2, analysis: the control of our activity is now more complete

Two years ago Samsung surprised locals and strangers with the launch of what was then a gadget revolutionary in appearance. A quantifying bracelet that stood out for making use of an AMOLED type full color curved screen that did not go unnoticed.

One option, the first foray of the Koreans in this field, to face more experienced companies such as Fitbit, Polarr or Garmin. And it is that the original Gear Fit, had great benefits and virtues but also with some deficiencies that are now solved in this Samsung Gear Fit 2 that I have been testing.

Almost perfect conjunction of design and materials

With this Samsung Gear Fit 2 I could say, almost without fear of being wrong, that I have come across a more than interesting alternative to other models in the market of leading brands that we all have in our heads. Samsung has done a great job in terms of design and features that we will now see.

Samsung maintains a hallmark such as the curved screen in full color, but now with a more pronounced curvature that improves the use we make of it. In turn, the straps, although they are still interchangeable, have come to offer a better anchorage system, (the one before was much more rudimentary) and have improved in materials. Yes, it is plastic, but the differences with the previous generation are palpable just by touching the bracelet.

The Gear Fit 2 is so light that you will not notice that you are wearing it

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is very comfortable, light, discreet and on top, it has improved the closure system, so that together with the two classic hooks that it was already using, it has added a pin as a security adjustment. More support and the same ease of placement. Samsung has embroidered it.

In addition, Samsung has improved to the original Gear Fit and now this second generation is more resistant to water, so much so that we can immerse it to a meter deep for half an hour. However, it is something that for now and out of respect for my pocket, I have not dared to do in the tests. Yes, I have approached it without fear of water in the form of splashes and soaks.

The screen, the queen of the party

The touch screen of the Samsung Gear Fit 2 is the queen of the party and with its bright colors and the possibility of adjusting the brightness it is still well visible indoors and even outdoors even when we have enough light. To be able to access the information, just make a turn to wake up the bracelet, finding at that moment the parameters that we have set by default (time, steps, calories ...)

If we want to navigate through the different screens, we can easily scroll with our fingers and to use any of them or go back, simply press the button on the side at the bottom (also to turn off and on). The top button is intended to confirm selections as we move through the various menus.

On the screen we will receive notifications for messages, calls, notices from our social networks ... any app that we have synchronized through the Gear Manager application of our mobile. Therefore, it is not limited to the reception of incoming calls that other quantifying wristbands do offer.

To notify us, the bracelet will vibrate and the telephone number, name of the contact who calls us or a notice with the relevant notification will appear to open it on the mobile or discard it. A few notices that on the other hand lack practically lag and they are immediate with the arrival to our mobile.

Wi-Fi, always connected, always informed

And if you do not have your mobile nearby, nothing happens, since if the bracelet and smartphone are under the same Wi-Fi network we can continue to receive notification notifications. And it is that Samsung has added Wi-Fi connection in this second version and an integrated GPS that we will talk about later.

Continuous control of our activity

One of the novelties that Samsung has introduced in this new generation is obvious just by turning the bracelet. There we find the cardiac pulse reader that adds the particularity of offering a measurement that is continuous, unlike other bracelets in which it is we who must activate it.

This is something that translates into continuous control of our pulsations (when we remove the bracelet it stops measuring) and in the fact that during the night we will see a small green glow from the LEDs if the bracelet is somewhat loose, somewhat anecdotal.

The continuous measurement is carried out by using LEDs that flash continuously and detect blood circulation in the area of ​​the wrist where we have placed the Gear Fit 2. It is about adjusting the bracelet, not too loose but not too tight. , so that the measurement is as accurate as possible.

Both at rest and exercising (in this case it is advisable not to adjust the bracelet too much, but also not to allow it to move excessively) the bracelet measures our pulsations without problems. Something that can be very valuable for those users who for health reasons require active control of the pulsations at all times regardless of what we are doing.

In order to carry out the most effective measurement possible, it is advisable to keep a distance of 2-3 fingers from the wrist. If you bring it too close to the area of ​​the scaphoid bone, the readings are not as effective.

With the help of the pulsations we are going to obtain more exact results on the calories we burn. It does not matter whether it is exercising or resting, since the continuous measurement does take into account the activity we carry out.

For example, it is not the same to go in a race as a slow pace and that is also improved, because the Gear Fit 2 is able to recognize the activity we are doing, carrying out a joint adjustment with the pulsations to determine our caloric consumption.

Sport and pulsations walk hand in hand and with all these measurements we will be able to better determine the calories expended to apply an eating plan or control our weight more effectively.

It is essential to determine parameters such as weight, height and age to adjust the measurements accurately

For proper control it is necessary that we have a profile adjusted to reality. Height, weight, height, are the values ​​that we are going to determine through the Samsung Health application and that will allow the pulsations and calories to adjust to reality. Based on these data while we exercise we will see a graph at the bottom that shows the heart rate based on three levels: fat burning, cardio or peak.

The importance of GPS as a complement

Unlike the previous model, the Samsung Gear Fit 2 includes GPS like many of the sports watches. In this way we can accurately track the route we are taking, not requiring that during this time it is connected via Bluetooth to our watch.

The "problem" that I have noticed that the GPS presents I have already found in other models with this functionality. As soon as we use it, the battery life drops noticeably. In this sense, the two days that can last with Wi-Fi connection and activated notifications can get to the day with difficulties if we have the GPS activated.

This is not an irreversible problem, since we can deactivate the GPS, as well as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth by clicking on the bottom button and going to the Settings - Connections section. In addition, and if that were not enough, we have a battery saving mode that increases the autonomy in exchange for restricting notifications, lowering performance and making use of a grayscale on the screen

GPS depletes the battery, it's true. This however can be compensated by the fact that the charge is very fast, being able to see how the battery increases in a few minutes (in 40 minutes we can have the bracelet charged from 15% charge). If you want to go running and you have little battery, you can put it to charge while you dress that easy you get an extra 20% autonomy.

The problem as in other cases is that it does not make use of a normal USB connection, but rather that the charging end is a proprietary connector through connections that go to the bracelet. In addition, the charging cable and base are assembled, so if we are going on a trip we must carry both with us.

An interesting complement is the altimeter, which will allow us to know the number of plants we climb. We set a daily goal, in my case 10 floors, so that I force myself every day to walk up every ladder I come across. And the truth is like when you get home and see how you have achieved the goal of plants ... the rush is important.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 and sleep measurement

If there is something that I liked it was the measurement of sleep. It was something that was missing in the original Samsung Gear Fit. With this new model, Samsung has opted for automatic and fairly accurate recognition.

The bracelet is responsible for automatically recognizing our dream without having to intervene by pressing any button (on the Fitbit Flex you had to activate it). Thus the Samsung Gear Fit 2 detects when we go to bed and when we get up without having to indicate anything.

Sleep measurement, a task that yields important information

And the precision to detect that step from being awake to sleeping is really reliable. It also informs us about periods of alteration while we sleep by means of a graph that we can see on the same screen as a continuation of our daily activity.

We can see the time we go to bed, the time we wake up, and in between, areas where we have been more restless or awake. These are measurements that are carried out by means of algorithms and that make it possible to distinguish, for example, sleep in the rem phase, deep and light sleep.

A graphic in which we see sleep, intense activity, soft, rest or even when we have not used the bracelet. And as we have already said, thanks to the continuous measurement of the pulsations, we will also know our state at rest if it is a heart rhythm.

Application and accessories

The app has been slightly revamped to accommodate the sportier aspect of quantification, including even recording of activities and accompaniment during exercise. We can activate the GPS to record the route followed, manage the music and include voice warnings of the parameters that we want to know during the exercise.

And it is that through the Gear Manager application we can transfer music to the Samsung Gear Fit 2 from our smartphone thanks to the 4 GB capacity of the bracelet. This music can be sent via Bluetooth to wireless headphones and control playback from the same bracelet. Something very practical on paper, not so much when you run and the heart comes out of your mouth.

As we said at the beginning, the bracelets are interchangeable just by making click in a clip that fixes them. However in the Samsung store or in other stores on line for now there are no spare parts or replacements to change the tone of our bracelet. The Gear Fit 2 is originally available in 3 colors such as blue (the one we have tried), black and pink. Hopefully, over time the belts of other colors will appear to be able to customize the Gear Fit 2 at our whim.

Xataka's opinion

Samsung has noticeably improved a product that at the time was leading but that already noticed the passage of time and that therefore paled against the competition. At least on a technical level, this bracelet has achieved an outstanding and has opted for the inclusion of all kinds of sensors and functions (and if it does not have them, they do not exist). It has also done so while maintaining other characteristics such as being able to exchange bracelets or remaining submersible.

In the "must" part, we must highlight some deficiencies in software that we hope Samsung is working on. Especially those that concern a greater integration of the bracelet with other functions of our smartphone and the data that it collects.

In addition, the price is significantly higher than other similar alternatives on the market, since it has a starting price of 199 euros. Superior to most, although inferior to the best known and most powerful on the market.

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