Samsung Gear S, touchdown

Six devices of the same category and competitors among themselves. It is clear that only a company like Samsung is capable of doing this. In a good and a bad way, because although their strategy can be questioned, they must be recognized for their excellent capacity for production and innovation with designs and ideas of all kinds. Without a doubt the most daring of them is the one they have presented at IFA: Samsung Gear S.

Defining it quickly, and taking as a reference the work of the previous models, we could say that the Gear S takes two ideas that it had already worked on. Take the screen of a Gear Fit and give it a more square format in the style of Gear 2. The result is what we have seen in Berlin and after seeing it originally in the 3D renders it is time for it to pass through our wrist.

The search for his smartwatch continues

We arrived at the tables enabled by Samsung to test the devices presented in the Unpacked and we must admit that, at first, the Gear S impresses. Its screen has that attraction that the Gear Fit already emanated. It has that futuristic touch that makes you think you are looking at a gadget from the future. However, its surprise effect does not come only because of the positive.

Gear S is big. It is not something that Samsung itself hides as they remind us that it is a two-inch OLED curved screen. However, seeing it and putting it on your wrist is impressive.I am a regular user of Pebble Steel, which seems to me to be a perfect size, and seeing it next to it makes me realize that, indeed, what Samsung has presented is not exactly small.

Of course here preferences of all kinds already enter but removing this variable from the equation it must be recognized that they have done a great job. The screen looks great and adding more width solved the Gear Fit's horizontal reading problem. It is thick but somewhat normal when compared to a conventional watch. Comfortable, attractive, with easy gestures to make and without problems when reading when we wear it.

The physical button hits a little. A position completely inherited from the smartphone format with two touch buttons on the sides of the main one. The first one is comfortable but the others seem like it will take a little more getting used to. A matter of taste but I think that on the sides it would make more sense since we are used to seeing them there.

Since the Mobile World Congress, Tizen has evolved a little and the jump to a bigger screen has helped him to get more muscle and become known as a more complex system. It is noted as a more independent tool and that offers more information. In fact, that's where Samsung really makes the difference: giving your watch autonomy and not always being aware of a mobile.

This involves a commitment to accept a size that will not be liked by everyone. However, we gain to be able to do things with it without having to carry the mobile with us. Something very useful for example for when we want to exercise and we do not want to carry the phone with us for some things such as listening to music or quantifying ourselves.

It remains to be seen if Tizen continues to grow and becomes an alternative to Android Wear. At the moment it has managed to tie many important agreements and companies like Nike or Here will be on our wrist through adapted applications. The list is bigger and although this gives it a lot of value, there is something that still weighs heavily: the exclusivity of compatibility with certain, not all, Samsung mobiles.

In this sense, Samsung has well understood the criticism that many wrist devices have received: they are fine but they lack some function. In this sense, Samsung puts a lot of ambition to want to put many functions in such a small device. It remains to be seen whether everything fits in day to day or, as in other attempts to reach this utopia, we find ourselves with many good intentions but a bad execution.

Samsung Gear S, an ambition as big as your watch

I must admit that Samsung has presented very good ideas with its Gear S: a richer ecosystem, a curved touch screen that works very well but with a design that, although justified, may throw more than one back. It is a fairly large watch and although it is not especially heavy, more than one will think. It has a certain elegance but still has that aspect of a gadget and not so much a watch.

It remains to be seen how it is in the day to day. The proposal is good and daring but on the table it has a few competitors who are going to make it difficult for both price, it does not seem that the Gear S will be affordable first, and for compatibility or versatility when it comes to synchronizing. You win are not without giving it a try.

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