Samsung Jet, video analysis

This week the Samsung Jet was presented worldwide with a good design and a series of very complete features. In the line of the latest phones of the Korean brand. But what robbed us of the heart of this Jet was its AMOLED screen, a type of screen that should already be mandatory for all manufacturers, just as it went from the horrible black and white screens of the first phones to the LCD current. Color, contrast and luminosity have nothing to do with current screens.

From the Samsung Jet in Xataka we already have its video analysis so that you can see and feel how this phone is in design, behavior of the interface, its functions or video playback, very successful thanks to the fact that Samsung has entered the heart of this new phone a 800 Mhz processor.

Wifi, HSDPA (although at 3.2 Mbps) which is quite fast, new browser, Gps and the TouchWiz 2.0 interface. They are the pillars on which this Samsung Jet is maintained. Then it has details, such as the task manager, that we liked a lot.

Waiting for the most exhaustive analysis, we stop at the TouchWiz 2.0 interface, which in addition to working very smoothly, incorporates a new LG Arena-style cube but limited to multimedia functions. We like it as an idea but we do not want manufacturers to look for spectacular menus, but rather effectiveness and user experience. And in the Samsung Jet there is still work on the response of the screen, which is good but below other models such as the iPhone, the LG Arena or the HTC Magic. Despite everything, we liked the addition of more applets to the sidebar.

Although it is not the raison d'être of a phone like this, the web browser improves a lot on this phone and is a bit closer to the user experience of the iPhone or the Android browser. As we say, it is not a key point of the Samsung Jet, which is positioned more as a phone with a touch screen, multimedia playback and a camera.

The camera is precisely another strong point of this phone. It is 5 megapixels, with a very fast autofocus and various aids for taking snapshots, such as the detection of smiles or the different modes of taking pictures. The video recording is also achieved above all in good lighting conditions and the social aspect has been taken care of to the maximum, having many services to send the photos that we take directly.

Multimedia playback of files at good resolution is very successful, which is helped by the processor and especially the screen AMOLED. The sound, whether with or without headphones, is also very good. The Samsung Jet also has a TV output but in the box that is sold in Spain it is not incorporated.

Good specs, compact and with touch screen. In summary, this Samsung Jet has a good phone with the extra quality of its screen, although it does not offer us more than others, and that is something essential. In addition we find small details to improve such as the precision of the screen (sometimes it is getting used to a new one), the port USB non-standard or that the camera does not have a cover.

In Xataka | Samsung Jet.

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