Samsung mytouch

The Samsung Mytouch with a 2.8-inch touchscreen is the next phone that comes to Spain with Samsung's TouchWiz interface.

The Samsung Mytouch aims to be placed on the market as a cheap 3G phone that also uses touch technology as a control method. Its screen is 2.8 inches and has a 3.3 megapixel camera.

Samsung Mytouch with touch screen

Spectacular screen of the Samsung Mytouch. You have to see what they have changed in a few years. Now we take a phone with a couple of them and we would be surprised at what has improved the theme of the screen.

In the Samsung Mytouch it is touch, 2.8 inches and its price will be economical to popularize precisely this technology. Another advantage of this model compared to other tactiles is its size and weight, which are very contained. At 13mm thick and weighing 93 grams, it strays a bit from much larger advanced models.

The screen is haptic-type, which translates into a response in the form of vibration when we press any control on the screen. It is a good idea to introduce the basic consumer to the handling of touch screen phones.

The memory of the Samsung Mytouch is based on storage with MicroSD memory cards. It's a telephone HSDPA It does not have WiFi but it does have stereo bluetooth. It is those little details that make its price lower and stay in a lower range of phones.

Samsung Mytouch with Touchwiz interface

Although it is not one of my favorite interfaces, Samsung insists with this Mytouch with its TouchWiz touch interface based on the side panel and different Widgets that are placed in one place or another by dragging them with your finger.

The touch screen is the central element of the control of the phone, since the physical controls are the minimum.

An advance in the control of this Samsung Mytouch phone is the so-called Gesture Lock mode, which allows us to control some aspects of the phone by drawing letters of the alphabet on your screen with your finger.

Samsung Mytouch, with 3.2 megapixel camera

The Samsung Mytouch phone has a 3.2 megapixel camera that includes advanced features like the face detector and also smiles. Incorporates type flash LED and is capable of anecdotally recording video: resolution QVGA at 15 fps.

The battery, important in a current phone more than ever, is 1,000 mAh, which for the type of phone it is should be sufficient, because total connectivity, which is usually what consumes the most battery, is not a key element in this telephone.

Samsung Mytouch, price and availability

As we have indicated, the spirit of this Samsung Mytouch is to be a cheap phone. For this reason, it is exclusively available with operators, so that its price is always subsidized and affordable.

It will go on sale next week (June) with the three major operators: Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone, at home with different colors.

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