Samsung will offer Android phones for less than $ 100

One of the advantages that Android should bring is a lower cost of development of the terminals, both for the need not to pay licenses for its use and for a greater ease of adapting the environment and the operating system to new models.

So it is not surprising that Samsung claims that it will offer Android terminals for less than $ 100. The representative of the company does not make clear if this price would be that of the free terminal or once subsidized, but neither would it be impossible for it to be the first case.

In fact, such a terminal, as long as its specifications are not excessively limited, could be very successful and offset the reduced cost of the number of devices sold. At the moment, we are seeing that Android phones are in the upper-middle range, but it won't take long for low-end models to appear.

A reduced price but with all the possibilities offered by an operating system like Android by default could turn a simple terminal into a best seller. We will see which manufacturer is the one that offers it first.

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