Samsung Omnia HD: our impressions

The first time we saw the i8910 we already affirmed that Samsung had passed Nokia's face in the face, with a phone that uses the same operating system as the Finnish manufacturer but with better technical characteristics.

Then we found out that this was the Samsung OmniaHD, evolution of the original Omnia. Evolution? I would not call it that, because the change is really important, despite maintaining the same TouchWiz interface. And it is that it has changed from Windows Mobile to Symbian, that is, it starts practically from scratch.

After having tried the Samsung OmniaHD, we have no choice but to confirm that Samsung has really done very well and that, at least for the moment, it exceeds what Nokia offers. And is that the jump to screens AMOLED It has done this phone a lot of good, offering near-perfect viewing quality.

We miss him a little more resolution, but he forgives us as soon as we watch any of the demo videos that were stored on the phone. Also, its incredible viewing angle makes the screen look perfectly from almost any position.

Adding the one that has compatibility with most of the most common video formats, the output HDMI and compatibility with DLNAIn addition to its good internal capacity, the Samsung OmniaHD becomes a great portable media player. In this aspect we have loved it.

Two more things that we liked. The first is the capacitive type touch screen, which makes it easy to use without having to force it. Control of the phone is thus much more natural. In addition to this, the interface is very fluid, which contributes to the good feeling it leaves us when using it.

The second is the quality of the camera, with a resolution of 8 megapixels, autofocus and various functions such as smile detection. The quality offered is good, although megapixels should not be an absolute measure when it comes to mobile cameras either.

If the Samsung OmniaHD comes to market with a price not too high, it represents the perfect alternative for those who want a touch terminal with Symbian. For me, the only downside is the TouchWiz interface, which did not convince me, although this is a very personal preference and for other users it may be a good option.

In Xataka | Samsung OmniaHD.

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