Samsung Pixon 12

The Samsung Pixon 12 is the new phone with a 12 megapixel camera and screen AMOLED 3.1 inches. After a while waiting for this photographic beast (at least for the megapixels of its photo camera), we already have the official Samsung Pixon 12.

The screen AMOLED The 3.1-inch is the other highlight of the Samsung Pixon 12. It is of course tactile and it will surely be a key element in the control of the many photographic parameters offered by this Samsung phone successor to the original Pixon that we recently tested in Xataka. .

Samsung Pixon 12, main features

The Samsung Pixon 12 will not come to the market in June with important innovations in its appearance or characteristics beyond the photo camera and the type screen AMOLED.

It will be a phone with WiFi and HSPA connectivity, with the possibility of playing video with a resolution of 720 × 480 pixels at 30 fps, GPS and FM radio with RDS. The internal memory is only 150MB and comes with a microSD card slot.

Samsung Pixon 12, with 12-megapixel camera

The 12 megapixel resolution camera is the true raison d'être of the Samsung Pixon 12. The phone comes with a specific control to take photos despite having a touch screen. Yes, the screen will be used to determine the main focus point.

You help this Samsung Pixon 12 when taking photographs they are identical to those offered by a compact camera. For example we have the automatic scene detection system.

One element that we really like is the 28mm angle that the phone offers us. Also the response speed seems to be good, with a waiting time between photos and photos of only two seconds. It also incorporates Xenon flash.

The improvements in the taking of photographs seem obvious, but we will see if the quality of the photos is really worth it, since only the number of pixels of the images has been increased (and therefore the size of the resulting file, which in a phone mobile is quite critical) and not the size of the sensor, which is what would give us more quality in general.

Samsung Pixon 12, price and market launch

Without a defined price yet, the Samsung Pixon 12 goes on sale in Europe this June.

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