Samsung SCH-M600, with 3 Gb of memory

Samsung has put the batteries and introduced the SCH-M600 mobile phone. Perhaps to compete against PDAs like Treo and Blackberry.

The Samsung SCH-M600 is a phone that runs on an Intel 520 MHz processor under the OS Windows 2003 Smartphone. It incorporates a 2.2-inch screen and 240 x 320 pixels with 262,000 colors.

What really impresses with this terminal is that it comes with 3 Gb of hard disk memory included. No cards or adapters, but internal memory. With 64 Mb of ROM and another 64 of DDR. It looks like a computer. You can also play and create music files in MP3, VOD and MOD formats.

Of course, it would not be a mobile if it did not come with BlueTooth, GPRS and USB 1.1 integrated in terms of connectivity and a 2 Mpx camera.

Its dimensions are 102x52x25 (mm), and its weight, 162 grams.

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