Samsung SGH-E800C, dangerous curves

Many of us were surprised to know which were the best-selling mobile brands in the world. The surprise was to observe a very high market share for both Samsung and Motorola, in addition to the almost unknown by these latitudes LG. To understand this fact, produced by the effect of the Asian and North American markets, we will analyze a terminal for each of these brands in the coming days. We will start with Samsung, the second mobile manufacturer in the world in sold terminals, and its new SGH-E800C. The first thing that catches the attention of this model is, without a doubt, its curves. And is that design today is essential in mobile telephony, does anyone remember those horrible Ericsson terminals that took him to his grave ?. But of course, in addition to design, they must accompany the functionalities. This SGH-E800C It is committed to a camera with a 4x digital zoom, although somewhat weak in resolution by staying at 300K pixels, which is a third of the current standard in the high-end range of phones.

Its strong point is the 1.72-inch TFT screen with 65,536 colors, combining quality and image surface. It also features a high level of storage capacity with 21 megabytes as standard and hearing with 64-channel polyphonic noise and noise reduction technology. Finally, it includes the possibility of using it as a microphone, which comes to be a kind of hands-free series.

Interesting proposal from Samsung, one of the brands to follow closely in 2005.

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