Samsung takes the lead with the SCH-S380

Samsung Electronics announced this Wednesday that it will release the SCH-S380, a new terminal that could revolutionize the use of mobile phones as we know it. This terminal will make many of its users forget about mp3 players, and is that, among other things, it is designed to act with the functions of those in the style of the Sony W800.

Located under the screen is one of the aesthetically speaking novelties that attract the most attention in this new phone, it is a small wheel similar to that of iPod players with which to navigate between menus, playlists and songs that they can be stored in the 50MB of internal memory of the S380 and the memory card that gives the possibility of adding it.

It is also the first model on the market to switch to 128 tones for its polyphonic melodies, without forgetting that it has also targeted the fashion of 1.3 megapixel cameras. Finally, another thing that the aesthetics of the mobile will greatly appreciate is that Samsung has managed to compact all this in just 87.4 grams of weight and dimensions of 91x37x24.

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