Samsung and Microsoft bury the ax of a war that has to do with Android and licenses

Interesting movement is that of Microsoft and Samsung, which pauses disputes in courts that already lasted six months, and were related to licenses and patents belonging to Microsoft. Yes, that tax that manufacturers who use Android as the operating system of their mobile devices have practically managed to remove.

Both companies have announced exactly the same thing on their respective websites, reporting that today they are ending the disputes they have in US courts - also Hong Kong - and arbitration bodies. They do not want to give more details about it, arguing that they are confidential matters.

We do not know the type of agreement they have reached, but the two companies have communicated at the same time that the disputes end today

It was Microsoft that brought Samsung to court last August, seeking to get more out of its powerful intellectual property, since they failed to reach an interesting agreement for them.

It is known that Koreans - like many other companies - have been religiously paying for the use of Android, as well as that in 2013 the sum amounted to $ 1 billion. In 2013 alone, Microsoft already had similar agreements with 50% of manufacturers that bet on Android, collecting more than $ 2 billion annually.

Apparently, the disagreement for not continuing with the payment of the licenses, was motivated by the purchase of the mobile division of Nokia, which in Samsung's eyes violated some of the points agreed in 2011 by both companies. Microsoft did not like the idea, and filed the aforementioned lawsuit in August.

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