Sandisk offers manufacturers 64 GB of memory for their phones

The manufacturer who does not want to give serial capacity to his new smartphone will not be because there are no options on the market. The last one they have on the table has been put by Sandisk, which has presented a new integrated flash memory in Barcelona called iNAND and which reaches up to 64 GB of capacity.

These new iNAND Integrated Flash Drives (EFDs) come with support for the e.MMC 4.4 specification, and can be used for boot functions, system code and mass storage. This improves the startup speed of the systems and the ability to store more data more efficiently, something interesting in new smartphones or smartphones with multimedia capabilities.

With that design in an integrated device, it takes full advantage of the space on the board, simplifying the design of the phone, saving costs by not having to introduce a separate starting element, and improving energy savings.

More information | Sandisk.

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