Sanyo Xacti HD2000, we have tested it (I)

Having a compact video camera that can also take photos is already quite common. Now, that the photos can be taken at 8 megapixels and that the video is recorded at 1080p is not so easy to find. The Sanyo Xacti HD2000 It is one that promises, so we have had to test it to see if it is indeed a good purchase for a multidisciplinary video enthusiast.

In addition to 1080p video recording, slow-motion mode is another eye-catcher on this Sanyo Xacti HD2000, which maintains the classic, shape-like design. gun so recognized already and personally I find it very comfortable.

Sanyo Xacti HD2000 Camcorder Specifications

The Sanyo Xacti HD2000 camcorder is the successor to the HD1000 and HD1010, teams that have given good results to their owners. It is a camcorder that is capable of recording 1080p high definition video at 60fps and taking 8 megapixel resolution photos. The available zoom has increased compared to previous models, being 16x optical this time.

It also includes a slow-motion video mode that records at 240 and 600 fps, although the latter mode, due to the resolution we get from video, 320 × 240, is hardly useful at all. There is no lack of smile detection, for example.

The flip-up screen is 2.7 inches in size and looks pretty good even in direct sunlight. Its resolution is 230,000 pixels.

To get a small camera, Sanyo has left the output connections on an external base that we must use to play the videos on a television (via HDMI or AV) or download them to the computer via USB. The food also goes through that base that you can see in the image.

The finish of the Sanyo HD2000 is plastic, but it does not give the feeling of being in front of a poor quality device, much less. It fits perfectly in one hand and with the battery, its weight is very comfortable, about 300 grams.

The camcorder's storage is based on SD and SDHC memory cards, which allows it to maintain a very contained weight and dimensions. In addition, the low price of this type of card and its use in more equipment makes them very suitable.

If we record content at the highest resolution, we must prepare models with enough capacity, since we can record an average of 15 minutes of FullHD video for each GB of memory card capacity.

Hidden in a shoe we find the flash, which we can open with a dedicated button. Also included is a microphone and something very important, an input to connect an external microphone. Along with that connector, as in previous models in the range, we find the headphone output.

As for the controls, the generals are in a good place, almost the only one possible if we take the camera with one hand and want to control everything. He joystick It fulfills its function and is very precise, but every day we miss being able to touch the screen on gadgets to select different options.

The menus have slightly improved over the HD1000 and HD1010 models, but they are basically the same. We miss a button to change some of the most used functions, such as focus, but of course, with such a small camera that option is not very feasible.

Access to the memory card slot is in a good place and the battery cover continues to resist opening as easily as we would like.

Sanyo HD2000 as a digital photo camera

Although it is not the main function of the Sanyo Xacti HD2000, taking pictures with this equipment has improved a lot but it still leaves something to be desired in that area. The photos can be stored with a maximum resolution (natively, without interpolation in between) of 8 megapixels, using an optical zoom of up to 10x and being able to take up to 12 fps. We have a 1 cm macro mode and face detector.

Among its options as a compact camera we can select different types of scenes and work with sensitivities even of 3200 ISO. Of course, from ISO 800 noise is more than appreciable. Predefined filters are also included, but it has always been an option that I did not like at all.

With perfect light is how we get acceptable results (not optimal at night), although the photos are of little detail and definition. We can check it by cropping the image. If we only want photos for the web or prints for leisure, it can help us if we are not very demanding. The idea after all is that we can have video and photo recording on a single camera. And the photos part has passed the test with a remarkable adjustment if we do not get into photos in complicated conditions.

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[In the second part of the analysis we will see the 1080p high definition video mode and the slow motion modes]

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